Introducing Ourselves

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November 5, 2020

Springfield Agri is a not for profit organisation established by a group of dedicated individuals from the World of Business, Academia, Public Service, Science, Technology and Finance/Banking.

Established after bringing together many years of scientific and practical research which sets out the issues and opportunities in the Farming and Eco systems.

It is clear to everyone whatever your perspective and attitude towards the changing environment – not just climate, but sustainability and regeneration, that there is a need for intervention and change in the way we work with nature itself.

Springfield Agri has established partnerships and real evidence for the right debate to bring about changes that can be painless and profitable for the farming community with benefits to all agencies affected by the issues we face today. Associated issues that need addressing are air quality, health and wellness, education, food quality and the traceability and nutritional values of that food.

Left unaddressed these big issues will become unmanageable and unchangeable. 

Springfield Agri have begun working with all stakeholders to create and deliver solutions necessary to turn words into action. By the end of 2021 we expect our first practical application to be in use.

We will keep interested parties informed via our monthly newsletter, and a range of communications platforms, with our first virtual Conference planned for February 2021.

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