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  • Support farmers and other landowners to make the changes required in introducing regenerative practices that create beneficial soil eco-systems that mean better quality produce and increased biodiversity.
  • Increase educational activities across a wide spectrum to help farmers make the transition to regenerative farming, make the next generation aware of the exciting new careers in green technology down to educating schoolchildren on the importance of the food chain, reality of where food comes from, the impact on health and how this will improve through regenerative farming.
  • Provide training courses in regenerative farming.
  • Address Food poverty, highlighting positive case studies and putting in place actual structures to show how we can raise the bar and make food poverty a thing of the past.
  • Develop our new exciting school meals project.
  • Increase awareness building of the challenges we face and create the groundswell to encourage those at the top of the food supply chain to do the right things.
  • Create a library of current best practice video, film, podcasts, cartoons etc, that can be highlighted through all aspects of media – traditional and social to stimulate change.
  • Articulate in effective ways to enable lobbying and input into public, corporate and international policy to ensure that we get in place the systems to secure a quality food chain into the future and at the same time make the best possible system of carbon capture across the globe.

How can you get involved?

Make a one-off donation in the section below, or jump on our bus and join our ‘Save our Soil conference’ this will give many benefits to members and give them an opportunity to help shape our work.