Farming Community Membership

May 12, 2021

What we are developing for our members:

  • A unique Finance offering designed for the Farmer
  • A Carbon/Natural Capital accounting system
  • Satellite Land Management (SLM) – daily image of your land so you can check each morning anything unusual needing your attention from your computer/tablet
  • A soil testing probe reporting carbon, water and mineral activity in your soil
  • Carbon Credits for improvement to your land
  • Biodiversity Credits

What our members can take part in:

  • Shaping the future – Springfield Agri is taking part and leading World policy on Agriculture now
  • Developing an industry & supply chain recognised Regenerative Agriculture Standard Practice
  • Discussions with the leading food commodity buyers in the World
  • Identifying local circular economies to sell into
  • Webinars/Seminars on innovation and the most relevant challenges to be addressed
  • Discussions with World leading topsoil scientists
  • Market intelligence & research
  • Education & training material from leading experts
  • Business mentoring – marketing, expansion, exit strategies – we can help

Membership signup form

For a cost of £50 per year, you will receive all of the benefits listed above. To become a member, please complete the form below. You will never feel you’re on your own with the Springfield Agri Community.

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